Work Experience At Glasgow Celtic Park

websiteReport by Eoghan Gill

On September 25th I received an email that I was not expecting from Glasgow Celtic saying that they had accepted me to go on my work experience at Celtic Park. Feelings of shock and delight flowed through my mind!. Immediately, I booked all my flights, organised everything that I needed and waited for the day of my departure to arrive. On October 12th I headed to Cork Airport where I flew to Glasgow

On the morning of the 13th I headed to Celtic Park full of excitement and anxiety. When I arrived, I went to the main reception to meet the Human Resource Advisor, Louisa who was in charge of the work experience at the club. She brought me and the 2 other pupils, also on work experience, to one of the many boardrooms and showed us the paperwork we would need and showed us the forms we had to sign. Then I was shown where I would be working for the week. Throughout the week I worked in 5 different areas of Celtic Park. On the Monday I worked in the Celtic Pools which was where they organised the Club lotto at half time of the games and where they organised the Club Fundraising. On The Tuesday I worked with the catering staff. This consisted in me setting up boardrooms before meetings took place with tea, coffee and water, and when the meetings had ended, I had to clean up the boardroom before the next meeting started. Also I got to see all the executive suites that were within the park. On the Wednesday I worked in the Ticket Office.During the day I got to see on the system how many tickets some of the Celtic players were buying for the games and some of them really stocked up on the tickets. On the Thursday I was working in the Celtic Superstore. Throughout the day the store was packed with fanatical Celtic fans coming to pick up thenew team merchandise or else people visiting the stadium and doing the Celtic Park tour and picking up a souvenir to remember the occasion. On the final day of my work experience at Celtic I had to assist on giving the tours of Celtic Park. Throughout the tour I got to see all the trophies that Celtic have won throughout the years and see all the memorabilia that is stored in there. I was even lucky enough to get to lift the Scottish premier league trophy and the Champions League trophy before the tour started.

I was also very lucky to go see a live game at Celtic Park and to see Ireland V Scotland a few weeks after ( even though we lost!). The whole week that I worked at Celtic Park was an amazing experience and I hope sometime to go back working there, possibly as a career in the future!


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