Well done to our BT Young Scientist Participants 2015

Well done to Eoghan Patwell, first year, who took part in the BT Yowen patwell btsoung Scientist Exhibition in Dublin last week. Eoghan is an avid cyclist and is a member of Killarney cycling club. He aspired to improve on traditional bicycle models by adopting a novel approach to existing bicycle designs. He came up with the idea of designing a double chain model. This involves fitting an additional chain to existing models with the supplementary chain running parallel to the original chain.

Eoghan carried out numerous tests on his new design. He tested the bike numerous times on a variety of terrains and over a large range of distances. He collected some very surprising results. He recorded an improvement in bicycle efficiency in every test. This improvement depended on the terrain and varied from an improvement of 1% in bicycle performance to an optimum 11% improvement. He discovered that the additional chain decreases the amount of energy lost to the bearings in the second bracket of the bicycle. In effect, the additional chain balances the bike. It improves speed and means less energy is lost by the cyclist.

Eoghan’s project was well received at the exhibition and was the subject of immense interest from the visiting public; particularly those with an interest in cycling. Eoghan plans to continue work on his innovative bicycle design. He is now looking at options to further sophistication of his model by comparing suitable materials and testing their resistance to wear and tear. He plans to enter his new and improved model into St. Brendan’s in-house science competition which will be held in March and subsequently into the annual Scifest science competition at I.T. Tralee.



A further well done to Luke Murphy and Cian Buckley O’Sullivan , who also exhibited their project at the BT Young Scientist Exhibition. They designed a water purifier which can be run with power generated by solar panels. They builLuke Murphy and Cian Buckley O'Sullivan pictured at the BT Young Scientist Exhibition where they exhibited their solar powered water purifiert their design and tested numerous water samples. Their purifier was declared a success as consecutive tests showed that the water was free from bacteria as it exited the purifier. This project has a very important role to play in helping third world countries. The model is relatively cheap to build and does not require any power source besides sun rays. This makes it an ideal water purification device for use in poorer countries where resources are few but solar rays are plentiful.

Their project was one of the few projects visited by Mary Robinson at the exhibition. She questioned Luke and Cian on the feasibility and practicalities of using the product in developing countries.Mary Rob

The boys will continue to work on their project over the next few months to improve on the durability and stability of the design. They also plan to enter the project into the Scifest science competition at I.T. Tralee.


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