TY students honour their teacher Mrs Bridget Lucey

Mrs Bridget Lucey On the night of the Chinese New Year celebration we, the TY students made a special award to our very dedicated and devoted TY co-ordiantor, Mrs Brdiget Lucey . She is simply one of the most dedicated teachers you could ever find.   How she manages everything is simply incredible. Along with working hard teaching Biology and Ag Science Briget Lucey spends her limited spare time organising courses and events for us TY students.   Transition Year has been a huge success in St. Brendan’s College because of her sheer energy and determination to get us involved in doing everything and anything that she thinks will benefit us, the students.   This year alone has been one of the busiest years of our lives and it has been a huge learning experience for us all. Every week Briget Lucey has something new organised and whatever it is you can be full sure it will be hugely interesting and enjoyable..

Since September we have raised and slaughtered Turkeys, learned how to surf in Inch Beach, done a cooking course with Mark Doe, got involved in Build a Bank, volunteered with Kerry Stars, completed our Gaisce Award, entered the Young Scientist, completed First Aid and done a Law Education Course . Soon, ten of the students will even be off to spend two weeks on a cultural and educational trip to Shanghai.

Transition year in St. Brendan’s College is a truly once in a life time experience . Surely it must be one of the best run TY Programmes in the country. This is due to the sheer hard work, energy and standard of excellence of one Bridget Lucey. We are hugely indebted to her.

David Kenny

TY student

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