Transfer from other Schools

Transfer of a student from another school

The school will make every reasonable effort to facilitate a student seeking a transfer to our school.   The Board of Management will decide on applications for admission to any other year other than First Year by applying the following criteria:

  • A transfer is in agreement with the school’s Admissions Policy
  • A transfer is in the best interests of the student and the school
  • A transfer is of educational benefit to the student

The application form must be accompanied by

(a)        an academic progress report

(b)        an attendance record

(c)        a punctuality record

(d)       a behaviour report

(e)        a reference from the Principal of the previous school

It may be necessary for a consultation with the Educational Welfare Officer to take place.

Where a student is considered for a place, the decision will be taken by the Board of Management, in consultation with the student’s parents/guardians, his former school, the education welfare officer, whether such a place may be offered, immediately, or whether it would be better to wait until the beginning of the next academic year.

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