School Life

The School Day

Students should arrive in school at 8.50 am, take what books they need from their lockers and go to class on the first bell which rings at 8.55 am.

Class begins at 9.00 am and finishes at 3.40 pm.


Class periods are of 35 minute duration with 10 classes in the day.

Tues, Thurs, Fri:                     

Class periods are of 40 minute duration with 9 classes in the day.


Class ends at 2.20 pm. Students participate in co curricular activities until 3.40 pm

Free Supervised study is also available for students.

Morning Break:

For the morning break, St. Brendan’s operates 2 Tuck Shops. These sell sandwiches, drinks, soup, etc and are located as follows:

The General Purpose Area (GP): 1st and 2nd Year Students

The Canteen: Junior Cert, TY’s, LCA’s, 5th and 6th Year Students.

Students are required to go to the shop designated to their year group.


Monday: 1.15 pm – 1.55 pm         Rest of week: 1.00 pm – 1.40 pm.

Hot lunches, soup, sandwiches and drinks are served in the Canteen at lunch time. Every effort is made to keep the food on offer healthy as well as attractive to the students.

Lunch Time activities:

Junior students are not allowed to leave the school grounds during lunch. Activities are organised which include: football, basketball, table tennis, indoor soccer, debating, chess, computer room access etc..

A Day in the Life of a First Year Student

When I went into the Sem I was greeted by Mr O’Brien.  We all gathered in the GP area. Then, Mr Coffey brought us to the school Chapel.  We were then divided into groups.  I met lots of new pupils in and outside my group. We went from class to class and were greeted by all our teachers.  We then went for our lunch in the canteen where  lots of healthy food is served.  Hot and cold types of food are being served.

After break was over we split into our groups again. We went to more classes and after that set of classes we went to the sports hall and we played a bit of soccer and basketball.  After that we went on a treasure hunt where you had to find all the objects on the list. I learned a lot about the school at that time of the treasure hunt.

After that we all gathered back at the canteen.  Mr Coffey was explaining what was going to happen during our time at the Sem. On Wednesday there is sports after school and if you aren’t a sports person there is a study session instead.  Whenever I get into any difficulties I know I can ask a teacher.  A.H

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