Policy for Repeat Students


Repeat students are deemed full members of the Leaving Certificate Class. With the exception of R.E. (where a study option runs parallel to the mainstream classes), students will be expected to fully adhere to the timetable as outlined. All repeat students are expected to engage at the highest level with all elements of academic life in the College- class work, study, leadership and example-setting, behaviour, attendance and uniform compliance. All applications for a place to repeat Leaving Certificate will be considered  at a meeting with the student and a parent/guardian in accordance with :

  • The College Admission and Enrolment Policy
  • Justified reason(s) for the applicant’s request to repeat
  • consideration as to the best interest of existing students  (class size, behaviour, attendance and engagement patterns as displayed in previous year
  • availability of place  in the subject groups which student wishes to repeat
  • Review of information in relation to attendance and punctuality record
  • Review of information in relation to work ethic and effort to date
  • Review of information in relation to behaviour record
  • Overall contribution to the school over previous five/six years
  • Students will be required to payall repeat fees for Administration and Trial Leaving Certificate Exam feesetc. prior to acceptance
  • Students will be required to study a minimum of five subjects at the school
  • Students will be required to be in attendance for the full school day

The Board of Management has the final decision in the placement of repeats and will form a sub committee for this determination. Applicants must complete the application form and sign each expectation. The order of the waiting list will be in accordance with their score at the interview.  The school must be satisfied that it can meet the needs of the student and has the facilities, resources and skills available. Acceptance of a particular student must not detract from the rights of other students.

Responsibilities of Applicants Applicants must agree

  • To create an atmosphere built on good relationships with fellow students and staff.
  • To show respect for students and staff
  • To give support to fellow students and staff
  • To adhere to Health and Safety regulations
  • To abide by the CODE OF BEHAVIOUR
  • To provide themselves with the required uniform, text books and class materials.
  • To set an example of the highest standard for their peers and junior students and thereby make a positive contribution to the college.
  • To make an honest effort at all subjects and activities undertaken.
  • To accept the monthly review plan and to understand that failure to reach the agreed targets may lead to the termination of the repeat option for the student.

Signature of applicant:

Repeat Students will have a regular interview and assessment throughout the year (scored 1-10) with reference to their teachers year head, deputy principal and principal.

Early October Assessment

Attendance Behaviour Uniform etc Honest and Positive

Post  Mid term Assessment:

Attendance Behaviour Uniform etc Honest and Positive

Post Christmas

Attendance Behaviour Uniform etc Honest and Positive

Post Mock Exams:

Attendance Behaviour Uniform etc Honest and Positive
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