Student Facilities

  • 3 modern IT rooms
  • Interactive white boards
  • Every classroom equipped with digital projector, computer and Broadband
  • 3 fully equipped Science Laboratories
  • Spacious Art room
  • Modern Music room
  • Specialised SEN department
  • Fully equipped Deaf unit
  • Well-equipped Wood work room
  • Chapel
  • Specialised Design in Communication Graphics drawing room
  • Gym, Climbing wall, Weights room
  • Greco Roman Grappling Gym
  • Indoor & outdoor basketball courts, soccer pitches and football playing fields
  • Study Hall
  • 2 school shops
  • Kitchen
  • Canteen
  • Large dining area



Canteen Facilities

The Canteen opens at 8 a.m. in the morning for breakfast. Students can get tea, toast, cereal, fruit juices etc until 8.55 am when the canteen closes for the beginning of class at 9 am.

Morning Break

For the morning break St. Brendan’s operates two tuck shops.
The tuck shops sell sandwiches, Chicken rolls, Sausage rolls, soup and drinks etc. and are located as follows:

The Canteen – for senior students only 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Years

The General Purpose Area (GP) – for 1st and 2nd  year students.

The students are required to only go the shop designated to their year group.  It is school policy to provide as healthy a diet as possible. It is for this reason that water, fruit juices and milk products are sold and no fizzy drinks are stocked.

Lunch Time

Lunch break is from 1.00 p.m. to 1.40. p.m. Hot lunches, soup, sandwiches and drinks are served in the Canteen at lunch time. The food available is varied from burgers and chips to lasagne, pasta etc. Every effort is made to keep the food on offer healthy as well as attractive to the students.

First Year students along with 2nd and 3rd year students are not allowed leave the school grounds during lunch but all other Year Groups are.

Football, table tennis, handball, computer room and other activities are provided during lunch time


It is important that students take care of their belongings and not leave anything valuable like money or phones etc. lying about. Lockers are available to all students. They are encouraged to keep their books, sports gear etc. in the lockers when not in use. There is a charge per year for renting the lockers. Students are also given a lock. The locker and lock and key remain the property of the school at all times. Some students may have to share the use of a large locker with one other student. Mrs Mary O’Donoghue (Room 13) is in charge of lockers and allocation of same.

Any questions regarding lockers should be addressed to Mrs. O’Donoghue.

In the interests of security and to prevent disruption of classes, students are not allowed to go to the lockers during class time. They must go to lockers before school, during breaks or after school. The locker rooms are locked during class times.


As well as the obvious structural facilities available to our students- St Brendan’s strives to support each student in an holistic fashion. Our Guidance Counsellor, our Year heads, our Pastoral Care team and systems, our staff in their commitment to the whole student, our peer mentoring and support systems serve to offer our students an excellent and supportive experience of second level. For more detail please see the Pastoral Care and induction tabs on this site


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