Admissions Policy

Students who are eligible for admission to First Year 2018/19

For the School Year 2019/2020 the school has 144 places for First Year boys.

A.  Eligibility

Students to be admitted to St. Brendan’s College must:-

  1. Have reached the required age: 12 years on the 1st of January in the calendar year following the student’s entry into First Year.
  2. Have completed sixth class in Primary School or its equivalent.
  3. Be willing in conjunction with their parents to accept the school ethos.
  4. Be willing, with parents/guardians, to accept the School’s Code of Behaviour and Admission Policy. Confirmation in writing is required that parents/guardians and students accept the Code of Behaviour, as set out below.

B.  Application for Admission

The Student Application to Enrol Form 1 is available from the Administration office. The Application Form completed in full, together with a birth certificate of the applicant student will be accepted by hand only, at the Administration office, between 6.15 pm on the 17th day of October 2018 and 4.00 pm on the 26th day of October 2018. An acknowledgement of the Application will be given and must be retained for your records. Please note that an acknowledgment of Application within the appointed time does not guarantee a place in the School.

C.  Late Applications

Applications received after 4.00pm on the 26th day of October 2018 are deemed to be late applications and will not be considered, unless places remain unfilled following the offer of places to valid applicants. Late applicants will be placed on a waiting list. The order of the waiting list will be in accordance with the date and time stamped on the Admissions Application.

D.  Offer of Places

A letter notifying the applicant, regarding their Application, will issue within 21 days of the closing date (on or before 16th day of November 2018). Parents/Guardians of those students, who have been offered a place, must complete the Application Form No 2 which includes a Health Information Section, and detailed information including the Student PPS No and information as required by the Department of Education & Skills.  It also contains a form confirming parent/guardian and student commitment to abide by the School’s Code of Behaviour.  A parent/guardian must advise the school of their acceptance of the offer of Admission in writing on or before Friday 30th November 2018 at 4.00 pm, by completing/signing both the Acceptance Form and the Code of Behaviour Acceptance Form and returning both documents to the Administration office, by hand only, by 4.00 pm on Friday 30th November 2018.

E.  Non-acceptance

Not informing the school of acceptance on or before 4.00 pm on Friday 30th November, 2018 will be interpreted as non -acceptance of the place offered and the place will be allocated to another pupil without further notification.

F.  Admissions Committee

The Board of Management has appointed a sub-committee of three people to handle the application and enrolments on behalf of the school. The subcommittee consists of the School Principal, Deputy Principal and one nominee of the Board of Management. The subcommittee will take responsibility for processing all applications.


G.  Selection Criteria

Where Application Forms received by the closing date above, exceed the number of places available, the Board of Management directs that the places will be allocated in the following order of priority:-

  1. Brothers, step-brothers, half-brothers, foster brothers of students who are or have been enrolled in St Brendan’s College.
  2. Students whose father or mother is contracted (in the current academic year) as a teacher, SNA, administrative or caretaking staff in the school.
  3. Students whose parents were past pupils of St. Brendan’s College.
  4. Brothers, (step, half or foster brothers) of girls who are enrolled in St. Brigid’s Secondary on the date of application (applications for eligibility under this criteria authorise the Principal of St. Brendan’s College to confer with the Principal of St. Brigid’s Secondary to verify same).
  5. Sons of eligible staff (in the current academic year) of St. Brigid’s Secondary. Any application to St. Brendan’s College authorises the Principal of St. Brendan’s College to confer with the Principal of St. Brigid’s Secondary to verify same).
  6. Students from the Primary schools in the greater Killarney area. (See Appendix 1 at the end of this document)
  7. All other students living in the greater Killarney area.

In the event that the number of applicants within a particular category exceeds the balance number of places available, then the date of birth of each student shall be used to determine maximum eligibility. The oldest students within the category will have greatest priority.

For information on our full Admissions Policy please click on the link below to download the document.




  1. Anabla National School
  2. Barraduff National School
  3. Coolick National School
  4. Cullina National School
  5. Faha National School
  6. Firies National School
  7. Fossa National School
  8. Gaelscoil Faithleann
  9. Glenflesk National School
  10. Kilcummin National School
  11. Knockaderry National School
  12. Knockanes National School
  13. Lissivigeen National School
  14. Loreto National School
  15. Loughquittane National School
  16. Presentation Monastery School
  17. Raheen National School
  18. St Olivers National School
  19. Tiernaboul National School
  20. Two Mile Community National School
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