St. Brendan’s U15 Soccer

St. Brendan’s 3   -v-     St. Clement’s 3 AET

St. Brendan’s win 11-10 on penalties

The Sem have advanced to the Munster quarter final after an epic game against St. Clements of Limerick. The Limerick side began the game with intent. They had superior physicality all over the pitch but that did not intimidate the youngsters of St. Brendan’s. The Sem had started the game with seven U14 players, three of those being first years Darragh Donohue, Michael Lenihan & Dylan Murphy.

Early in the game it was obvious that St. Clements were going to be dangerous from set pieces and this showed with the first corner of the match. Striker Reece Hegarty was called back to defend corners for the day and did a fantastic job throughout the game but on this occasion the early jitters had set in and St. Clements out muscled in the box. A fantastic towering header at the back post had put them one up.

St. Brendan’s showed great determination to fight back soon after with great work in the middle of the park by Patrick Darcy & Dara Fleming. Darcy playing a superb through ball where Murphy had ghosted to the back post. Murphy calmly slotted it home, 1-1 at the break.

St. Brendan’s had belief in the second half but St. Clements began to take charge of the game and use their physical presence and they took the lead early in the second half with a scrappy goal, confusion in the St. Brendan’s back line. St. Brendan’s were then sent into shock , straight from the tip off the Limerick side won the ball back and attacked again. A brilliant strike from outside the box caught keeper Marc Kelliher off gaurd. The Sem were two goals behind with 10 minutes remaining.

First year Paul O Shea had come on at left back to replace the injured Gary Cronin and was standing his ground against a team two years his senior. Substitutes Lee Downing and Peter O Sullivan were causing serious problems for St. Clements on the wings. Lee Downing picked the ball up at the edge of the box and slipped the ball the left and glided passed the defender, the defender tired left a lazy leg out and fouled Downing inside the box. Michael Devlin stepped up to nestle the ball into the corner. 3-2 with 5 minutes remaining. St. Brendan’s changed to three at the back moving Lenihan into midfield in an effort to overload the Limerick side in their own half. O Shea went on a run from the back beating one, two, three players driving into the box and striking a shot to the corner, the keeper made a beautiful save. Lenihan gave it wide to O Sullivan who beat his man and sent it into the box, there was pulling and dragging, panic in the box, another penalty for the Sem!! Devlin again, he smashes it into the top corner. 3-3. Full time.

Into extra time and both teams had chances, St. Clements were working hard to break down the defence but Conor O Leary, Lenihan, Donohue and O Shea were proving hard to beat. Captain Marc Kelliher made some great saves before a magnificent O Shea header cleared the ball off the line. Fleming sent Devlin through he was in, he had the pace to get away from the defenders, the last defender grabbed his jersey with two hands and pulled him to the ground. Red Card. St. Clements down to 10 men. The St. Clements team argued with the ref, they had lost their discipline, another red card for dissent. 9 men. Patrick Darcy came off injured, the Sem using their last sub Darragh Lyne. Then Lenihan could not continue. The Sem were down to 10 men. 10 v 9. O Leary with a game saving clearance off the line. The teams were legless. Final whistle. Penalties. Everybody scores, calm and collected, both teams keeping their cool. It went back around, into sudden death. St. Clements miss!! Devlin to win it, he scores!! The Sem are through.

A fantastic game. Great heart and determination shown by all members of the squad. The Sem now play Carrick CBS in the quarter final.

Coaches were Trevor Nagle & Joseph Hurley


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