St .Brendan’s beat ‘The Green’ to march onto the ‘Moran cup’ semi final.

‘The Sem’s ‘Moran cup’ team played CBS in the first round of this year’s Moran cup.

The ball is thrown in CBS win it, ‘The Sem’ quickly turn it over ‘The Sem’ launch their first attack they miss their first chance. Paul O’Shea wins the kick out gives a one two and slots it over the bar ‘The Sem’ score there first point three minutes in. The CBS claw back with a point from a free. Hard work by ’The Sem’s forwards results with a turn over, the ball is passed to Darragh Donoghue and he makes no mistake scoring the game’s first goal. CBS score another free to bring them within two points of ‘The Sem’. CBS score there first point from play. ‘The Sem’ work the ball fast and Ryan Kelliher scores his first point. Ryan Kelliher quickly scores another point. CBS work the ball and score a good free. The green win the kick out and score a free. CBS create a goal chance but ‘The Sem’s’ defence hold out with Mark Cooper turning over the ball. This leads to Michael Lenihan’s first point. The CBS look like they could be in with another goal chance, this they punish with their centre forward scoring. Peter O ’Sullivan makes a good run through the centre and scores. Quilter for the green scores a difficult free. CBS score another free. CBS go three in front from a good point from play, leading up to the break. ‘The Sem’ work the ball up the pitch and Paul O’ Shea scores the last point of the half. CBS go into the break leading 1-8 to ‘The Sem’ 1-6.

‘The Sem’ wins the throw in but misses a chance and put the ball wide. CBS win their kick out and try to get their first point of the second half but ‘The Sem’s’ defence hold out an work the ball up for Lenihan’s second point. The CBS give away a forty-five. Paul O’Shea goes and gets the return he scores to tie up the game. Darragh Lyne wins the kick out and he gives the ball in long to the box. Murphy jumps highest and taps it in to put ‘The Sem’ three points in front. Quilter scores another free. ‘The Sem’ leave gaps in their defence the CBS try to exploit, they do mark Kelliher pulls off a good save to keep ‘The Sem’ in front. CBS get a free from the advantage and tap it over. CBS win a forty-five they go short, O ‘Shea intercepts the ball moves fast up the line. Lenihan finds Dylan Murphy in the box he’s dragged down and a penalty is awarded   . O ‘Shea steps up and puts it into the bottom left corner. ‘The Sem’ is starting to dominate. CBS score a free. Dylan Murphy slips it to Caolin Ryan. Ryan gives it to Donoghue. Donoghue is fouled another penalty. O’Shea steps up, off the cross bar. He gathers it and puts it over. ‘The Sem’ wins the game easily in the end scores from Ryan Kelliher and Michael Lenihan add to their victory. Darragh donoghue wins the ball and slips it to Paul O’Shea. O’Shea scores his second goal of the game. O’Shea scores again brining his tally to 2-6.The game finishes on a score line of 4-14 to ‘The Sem’ to CBS 1-10.

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