Sonia O’Sullivan visits St. Brendan’s

On the 14th of September, World Champion and Olympic Silver Medallist, Sonia O’Sullivan visited St. Brendan’s College to tell us the story of her

International Athlete and World medal winner Sonia O’Sullivan with David Culloty, teacher Arthur Fitzgerald, Peter O’Sullivan and Sean O’Neill at St Brendan’s College Killarney.
Photo by Michelle Cooper Galvin

arduous journey to Olympic fame.  She told us of her aversion to performance enhancing drugs, her intense training regime even at altitude and her determination to keep herself in peak physical condition after her professional career had ended.

She inspired us with her passion and integrity to achieve her ambitions in the future. She urged us to pursue our goals with new-found ferocity, assuring us that with dedication comes success.

International and World medal winner Sonia O’Sullivan signs the visitors book with Sean Coffey Principal at St Brendan’s College Killarney.
Photo by Michelle Cooper Galvin

Recently she completed a hike up Carrantouhill for Alan Kerins African Aid Charity. Sonia completed her talk indicating to us that she would compete in the Dublin Marathon in the near future and in other marathons in the months to come.

We can all agree that we have a deeper respect for Sonia O’Sullivan and her accomplishments both in and out of professional sport.

Sonia also promoted the school 10-mile road race which is coming up on Saturday, 26th Sept.

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