Model United Nations

From Tuesday the 20th to Friday the 23rd of January, five TY students from St. Brendan’s college travelled to Davis College, MallowSzymon Kita, David Casey, Johnaton Horgan, Cian O'Sullivan and James Flavin at MUN 2015-1 to participate in the first Model United Nations (MUN) to be held in Ireland. The participating students were Szymon Kita, Johnaton Horgan, James Flavin, David Casey and Cian O’Sullivan. The MUN is an authentic simulation of the General Assembly of the UN. Students are assigned roles as delegates from different countries around the world. Students research and debate resolutions which could be undertaken by member states in order to make the world a better place.

Participating students gained invaluable skills encompassing resVoting Procedures at MUN 2015earch techniques, speech construction and presentation, public speaking and the art of debate as well as interpersonal and team skills. Furthermore the experience was thoroughly enjoyed by all. In the words of one of our participants ‘All in all I really enjoyed model UN and would recommend it to anyone’.

A special mention is due to Szymon Kita who won two communication awards.

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