Maths week at Saint Brendan’s College (11th -18th October).

Over the past week, 1st, 2nd and TY year students from Saint Brendan’s College partook in the national 2014 Maths Week Ireland event.

Students were involved in a number of internal activities, ranging from solving “the Maths problem of the week”, to competing with other schools in the nation-wide online Manga High maths competition (Saint Brendan’s finished a respectable 41st in the country).

All first year classes went for a short walk as part of a “Maths eyes” event, which took them past local landmarks and through the national park. Students had to work in pairs and follow a pre-determined route to answer a mathematical based questionnaire as set out by Mr Jeremy Kenny. The questions were designed to make the students aware of some of the mathematical properties of their everyday environments.

The overall aim of Maths Week Ireland is to make learning and appreciating maths fun and to realise that maths is just not for the classroom, but for everyday life. We hope to have achieved some aspect of this aim over the last week and to maintain it for the future.

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