Mad Movember

Movember 2014Henceforth Monday 10th Novenber will be ring fenced on the school calendar at St. Brendan’s as “Movember Monday” The entire school community got 110% behind a fundraiser which was both fun and conversation provoking. By 9.15am the entire school population was sporting moustaches-either grown or stuck or painted on- of every conceivable shape and curl!!! And all in the name of awareness raising and of course charitable benefit. Over the past three years students and staff have raised €12000 for the Irish Cancer Society. This year’s approach was novel and brilliant. The brain child of RE teacher Declan O Donoghue, “Movember is a response to the worldwide initiative of raising awareness of men’s health issues especially Prostate cancer, Testicular cancer and men’s mental health. These issues were focused on in SPHE and RE throughout the day

Today we invited students to wear a fake moustache or paint one on. Students were asked to bring 2 euro as a donation to the Irish Cancer Society. The response was phenomenal- staff and students alike got fully involved in the activity- lading to some rather extraordinary facial appendages in the course of the teaching day. Parents or members of the general public may continue to contribute to the charity in the course of the week ahead”

School principal congratulated all involved and encouraged the students of the school to be open and aware of isues around men’s health.



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