Leaving Certificate Results 2013

Watching the excited faces, as the realisation that Astrophysics in Trinity, Medicine in UCC, a P.L.C. in the College of Commerce or Health and Leisure in I.T. Tralee was now a reality, is a definite reward for the students of St. Brendan’s following the receipt of their much anticipated Leaving Certificate results.

College Guidance Counsellor Karen Rice expressed her delight with the results, both in pure terms and in the context of the percentage of students who will transfer to their top CAO choice when the CAO first round offers appear on Monday morning next. “Our students appear to have generally achieved their desired course points. Of course we must await the official offers next week”

Principal Sean Coffey was delighted for the year group and their parents. Seeing students achieve at the highest level in each subject area, seeing top Leaving Certificate points, distinctions in L.C.V.P. and in L.C.A. and solid performances in all programmes by the class is a just reward for the students and for the staff who worked so diligently to get the best for each student. “Second level education is about so much more than this one yardstick and yet as a rite of access to third level it is such an important day, with students achieving their placement there is the realisation that the hard work was worthwhile.

In students such as Darragh Rice, Eoin Gleeson, Daniel Trojanowski, Daniel Casey, Andrew Byrne, William Maher, Andrew Mulcahy and Gary McGowan and many others we have students who have achieved at the highest level nationally. With our Physics, Biology and Chemistry and D.C.G. honours scores 10% above the national average the College continues its’ traditional area of strength in the S.T.E.M. subjects. Excellent results at higher Irish also buck the national trend in boys’ schools.  It was also heartening to see high achievement standards in the ordinary level papers.

With the CAO offers due on Monday next the support staff in St Brendan’s will be available on that day to offer guidance to students unsure of their next step

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