Killarney Schools’ Collaboration project

This longitudinal project is based on the concept of providing quality second level collaborationeducation opportunity to all the students in the Killarney catchment. The project has as its central emphasis the service of the community. Aided by the physical proximity of the school buildings t St. Brigid’s secondary, St Brendan’s College and Killarney Community College, the positive working relationships between management and staff in the schools and an awareness that we serve the same families in the same communities, the collaboration has as its focus the support of the whole person.

Through an Award system for second years, Internet safety and mental well -being programmes and shared health promotion activities. student welfare has been to the fore.

Under the coordination of the Tralee Education Centre, a focus on teaching and learning involving the staffs from the three schools in shared in-service adds a direct academic benefit to the collaboration. Building local communities of practice will greatly assist the staffs in the three schools in this era of educational change.

Furthermore the broader community spirit, the sense of environmental awareness and entrepreneurial endeavour in the Killarney area is quite unique and provides both a backdrop and a stimulus to the collaboration.

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