Junior Cycle Results 2013

Delight at achieving targeted results was the overriding emotion of the students at St Brendan’s on Wednesday morning with the arrival of the much anticipated Junior Cycle results. As the results envelopes were opened, students received grades which reinforced the work and effort of the previous years.  In many ways this morning was richly symbolic for the boys as it was the final day of this grouping of students- some now head straight to the Leaving Certificate or Leaving Certificate Applied, while the majority of this cohort have begun Transition Year.

 While the traditional Junior Certificate Examination is now beginning to be modified this State Examination is an important threshold for all students at second level. Its broad, expansive subjects give students a base from which they may select specialisms and career pathways at Senior Cycle. Today’s results will point students towards their strengths, allowing them concentrate their efforts for the leaving Certificate and beyond. It also emphasises to them what is possible-what they are capable of achieving with effort and engagement. Principal Sean Coffey congratulated the students of the 2013 on their achieved results. From an overview students should be very satisfied with their results, generally achievement was in line with or indeed ahead of expectation, and where there might be any individual disappointment the Senior Cycle will offer ample opportunity for redress.This examination is also a maturational step for all students. Provisional statistical analysis shows students of the College have well out-performed the national averages at all levels in this examination As an example 57% of Higher English students  achieved an A or B grade while the national average is circa 40%, in Mathematics, at Higher 59% scored an A or B with the national figure  around 48%, while in Higher Science 47% of the cohort achieved at A or B with the national average circa 40% He thanked the staff for their commitment to each student and his work throughout the Junior Cycle and parents for their engagement with their son’s learning and their unstinting support for the work at the college. Following receipt of their results this morning 5th year students could avail of an adventurous hike on a section of the Reeks walk. Organiser and 5th year Year head Mr. Mike Leahy believed that the hike gives our boys an opportunity to experience the great outdoors with their classmates. It also offers them a further insight into the wonderful natural environment on their doorstep and invites them into a lifelong, health-giving activity. Guidance counsellor Karen Rice emphasised that this set of results were now a matter of record. Students should now move forward into senior cycle with confidence. Should any student feel personally disappointed he should speak with a parent or with the support services at the College.

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