Ireland’s Fittest Family for RTÉ One

The following information has been received regarding the TV Series, please click on link to view poster

Ireland’s Fittest Family for RTE One Casting Poster Apr 17

My name is Adam and I’m contacting you from Animo TV. We make the television series, Ireland’s Fittest Family, for RTÉ One.

Right now we’re on the look out for brand new families to take part in the new series of the show and I was wondering if you would be able to pass on the information to your students to see if any of their families might be interested in applying?

Last year, the O’Mahonys became the first Kerry family to ever compete in Ireland’s Fittest Family, however they were eliminated in the first round. We’re looking to find another family that can bring the Ireland’s Fittest Family title to the Kingdom!

The minimum age for anyone taking part is 14, so this would be ideally aimed at students in 2nd Year and up.

We make the show in the Summer post the June exams so as not to interfere with those.

To apply, you just need to log onto 

Or call us on 01 646 8224.

I’ve also attached a poster with all of the information about applying for the show. Perhaps if you have a Facebook page, you might share the following link to help get the word out:

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Many thanks,


Adam McGarry Byrne

Ireland’s Fittest Family

Animo Television

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Dublin 2

Tel: 01 531 3865

Mob: 086 314 9848

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