Healthy eating campaign begins at St. Brendan’s

 Prof Donal O Shea with his cousins Sep 15Professor Donal O’ Shea’s Talk – Summary Report

Prepared by Oran O’Donoghue, 16th September, 2015


My name is Oran O’Donoghue and I am a 3rd year student. I chose “Healthy eating options in my secondary school” as my Scifest project. SciFest is a series of one-day science fairs for second-level students hosted locally in schools and at regional level in the Institutes of Technology. During this project I got in contact with many people to get their views and insights. I first became aware of Professor Donal O’Shea when I saw him being interviewed by Brendan O’Connor on the Saturday Night Show. I was really frightened when he outlined, in a clear and simple way, all the alarming statistics on obesity in Ireland. I was amazed at how helpful he was and how much time he gave to me.

Professor Donal O’Shea was the guest speaker at St. Brendan’s College Parents’ Association AGM which took place on Thursday 10th September, 2015. Professor O’Shea is Head of Weight Management Services at St. Colmcille’s and at St. Vincent’s Hospital. He is also co-chair of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland Policy Group on obesity. Professor O’Shea also spoke with students in St. Brendan’s College on Friday 11th SeptemProf Donal O Shea with Oran O Donoghue & Sean Coffey Sep 15ber, 2015. Professor O’Shea has been an outspoken voice for those suffering with obesity for over 16 years. He is at the coal face of the issue in Ireland – a nation which is now the fattest in Europe.

Professor O’Shea informed us about the challenge that obesity in childhood brings for our future mental and physical health. He presented us with recent research which highlighted the irreversibility of obesity and the need to prevent obesity and inactivity across the lifespan. He spoke about the need for a National Healthy Eating Framework and the obesity crisis that is very real in Ireland in these challenging times. He explained that while genes do play a role in our weight, when the rates are about 80pc, it is an environmental issue and not a genetic one.

It was encouraging to hear him say that if we all make a small change in our lifestyle and diet NOW, this will have a positive impact on our future mental and physical health.


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