Dr. Tony Humphreys

Visit of Dr Tony Humphreys

St Brendan’s College, Killarney were delighted to welcome Dr Tony Humphreys, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Author and National and International Speaker to the school on Friday 12 October 2012.   Dr Humphreys visit was arranged by the Parents’ Association in conjunction with the Principal, Mr Sean Coffey, and the Management of the school.

Dr Humphreys began his career as a Clinical Psychologist in State Psychiatric and Psychological Services in England and Ireland and since 1990 has been working in private practice in Ireland. He is a specialist lecturer on education, communication and self-realisation in University College Cork and University of Limerick, and Senior Fellow at National College of Ireland, Dublin and is a regular guest lecturer in other third level colleges both in Ireland and internationally, including several European countries and South Africa.  He is regularly sought for his expertise and views on radio and television shows.  He contributes a weekly column to the two national newspapers, the Irish Times and the Irish Examiner.  He is the author of many best-selling books. His best known books are The Power of ‘Negative’Thinking;  Self-Esteem, the Key to Your Child’s Future; Work and Worth, take back your lifeMyself, My PartnerLeaving The NestWhose Life Are You LivingAll About ChildrenThe Mature Manager. He has recorded CD’s on such topics as embrace failure, self-esteem, work-balance and effective parenting.

Dr Humphreys met with students in the afternoon and spoke about ‘What I May Be’ which highlighted for students the importance of individuality, self respect and continuing self development. Students from 1st Year to 5th Year attended the talks which were tailored to the specific year groups.   Dr Humphreys introduced students to the teaching of Viennese Philosopher Martin Buber, who stated that: “Every person born into this world represents something new, something that never existed before, something original and unique. It is the duty of every person… to know and consider… that there has never been anyone like him in the world, for if there had been someone like him; there would have been no need for him to be in the world. Every single person is a new thing in this world and is called upon to fulfil his particularity in this world. Every person’s foremost task is the actualization of his unique, unprecedented and never-recurring potentialities, and not the repetition of something that another, be it even the greatest, has already achieved”.

Later that evening, Dr Humphrey’s spoke to parents at the Parents Association AGM.  His talk was entitled Relationship. Relationship, Relationship: The Heart of a Mature Society and was very well received by an audience of over 110 parents and staff.  Dr Humphreys advised that the fundamental motivating factor behind all relationships is the need to belong unconditionally. If our spontaneous and real efforts to belong are not responded to, then, cleverly, we find substitute ways of having a sense of belonging.  Dr Humphrey’s also highlighted the responsibility that each and every one of us has to reflect on how we are within ourselves and how, out of that place, we relate to others.  Parents also heard that nurturing and enabling are the two sides of the coin of parenting.

Dr Humphrey’s is in constant demand for lectures, workshops, seminars, conferences from a very wide range of audiences that cross different social strata, different age groups and different social sectors and was delighted to be invited to St Brendan’s College, a progressive secondary school providing a holistic education for all.  He was very well received by students and parents alike and his talks were thought provoking and very entertaining.  It was his first visit to St Brendan’s College, though he is a regular visitor to the town of Killarney, which he finds so beautiful and commanding.


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