Dignity Week


This week students and staff at St Brendan’s were particularly focused on promoting a sense of the dignity of each individual in the school community.

A series of events, workshops, plays and talks on self-respect, inclusion, anti-bullying, homophobia and differing abilities served to emphasise the centrality of the dignity of each person in this community.  At the official launch of the week Mr. Michael Gleason stressed that living with dignity was a central tenet of the human condition.  In an inspiring address to the Student Council he accentuated the importance of mutual respect and support, of drawing the best from oneself, and of recognising and celebrating the beautiful environment in which Killarney people live. He also challenged the Student Council members to be proactive leaders in the school.  College Principal Sean Coffey recognised the importance of student  self-awareness and self-respect as the first point in developing positive relationships with all others here at the school.

With workshops from South West Counselling, Kerry Life Education, Humourfit Drama Society, Belong To, and Kerry Parents and Friends it has been an interesting week at the College. “ Undoubtedly such events highlight the importance of how we treat those around us. Giving that awareness a daily reality is the key to a positive environment for all” he stated

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