China beckons …

A party of eight lucky students are venturing forth once more to the exotic far East. These lucky pupils are Kevin Darcy, Luke Murphy, David Kenny, David Casey, Diarmuid Mullane, Brendan Doyle, Eoin Daly and Eoghain Gill.

Their destination is Shanghai for the June Exchange programme run by Shanghai University. This is the third year of the St. Brendan’s China programme. So far thirty plus pupils have been afforded an invaluable and enriching cultural experience which broadens their horizons. They follow in the footsteps of the Easter programme from which all pupils returned safe and sound.

Why does St. Brendan’s place a high value on sending pupils to World MapChina ? China has risen rapidly on the world stage and is a world economic power today. Pupils need to be afforded an opportunity to experience Chinese culture and history. China is adynamic fusion of the ancient past and break neck modernity. Chinese investors have recently bought two five star hotels in Cork. Many have opened businesses around Ireland. Many Chinese people have made Ireland their home.

The rainy season starts in June in Shanghai. It is hot and wet and really sweltering. The rainfall between June and July can equate to 25% of the annual rainfall. That is a lot. On the plus side the rain keeps down the smog so the air quality is good for people.china website 2

Pupils are advised to wear light coloured clothes which absorb less heat from the burning sun. Cotton clothes allow your body to breathe without excess sweating. Long sleeved shirts keep you cool and protect from sunburn. A sun hat and good quality shades with high ultra violet protection is recommended to avoid sunstroke and glare. Umbrellas can be bought cheaply in China as the rain can be very heavy at times.

We wish our brave party of explorers a fantastic time. We are confident they will enjoy every moment of this amazing experience. Happy trails guys.

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