Bugsy Malone

December 2015

The musical was performed by St. Brendan’s College and St Bridget’s Presentation School. The auditions took place in the junior study hall, and it started when we got back to school after the summer holidays, all the roles for the characters in the play were gone when I got back to school in October. This is the story of Bugsy Malone

Bugsy Malone is set in New York during Prohibition, The story is about Gangsters, Fat Sam owns a speakeasy, they dance and sing in the speakeasy, Fat Sam is worried that Dandy Dan’s Gang would come in and splurge everyone with custard. When you’re splurged, you’re finished. Then, Blousy, a singer, comes for an audition to sing, Fat Sam is distracted so he couldn’t see her, Then she meets Bugsy who accidentally trips over her luggage, Bugsy sees Blousy and falls in love with her, Dandy Dan’s Gang comes and attack the speakeasy, they splurge Fat Sam’s gang with splurge guns, Fat Sam’s Gang went to look for the guns, but they were trapped in a laundry and Dandy Dan’s Gang splurged them with guns.

Blousy comes back to the speakeasy for another audition, but is upset when she sees Fat Sam’s girlfriend, Tallulah, kiss Bugsy on the forehead. Bugsy doesn’t like that and it makes Blousy jealous. Fat Sam gives Blousy the job, but she isn’t happy with Bugsy.

Fat Sam wants Bugsy to go with him to a meeting with Dandy Dan, but the meeting turns out to be a trap, Bugsy helps Fat Sam escape, Fat Sam gives Bugsy $200 for helping him escape, Bugsy then goes on a date with Blousy and promises her to take her to Hollywood, However, he is mugged and his money is stolen, Leroy Smith comes and helps Bugsy by beating up the gang,  Bugsy sees the potential that Smith would become a great boxer, then he takes him to Cagey Joe’s place to teach him how to become a great boxer. Fat Sam’s partner, Knuckles, gets killed by Dandy Dan’s Gang, and Fat Sam gives Bugsy $400 to help him get revenge on Dandy Dan’s Gang, Bugsy takes the money so he can use it for paying to go to Hollywood with Blousy. Bugsy and Leroy go the Dandy Dan’s to get the guns, but they needed someone to help them, so 20151201_122020 20151201_112121_resized 20151201_122637 20151201_112318_resizedthey went to the soup kitchen and meet a group of Down-and-Outs.

They try to find the crates, but a massive splurge gun fight erupts and everyone gets splurged, then the piano player gets hit and accidentally strikes the final note, everyone realises that they can be friends and Bugsy and Blousy leave for Hollywood.

The show was on in the Ross Golf Course for 4 nights and 2 matinees, there were a lot of people from other schools at the musical for the matinees. There were a lot of people at night time; all the tickets were sold out.

The role of Bugsy was played by Adam Dennehy and Patrick O’ Leary, Adam busted his leg during a football match the night before the musical was on, I personally thought Adam was better than Patrick in terms of playing Bugsy, but Patrick was good enough. one of the girls from the Presentation School played Blousy, She was good at her accent and her singing was perfect, I thought she was just good at playing Blousy. The role of Knuckles was played by Robert Osborne, I thought Robert did alright as Knuckles, I was disappointed that his character was killed off. Keenan Daly was playing one of Dandy Dan’s men, Jack was playing Dandy Dan, He wore a white suit which was nice on him, I thought he was great at playing Dandy Dan. Jason played Fat Sam, What made him stand out is his temper, which often includes threatening his gang for not helping out enough in his scheme to splurge Dandy Dan and his men. Jack was one of Fat Sam’s gang, whom turn out to be comedians because they always seem to fail with their plan to splurge Dandy Dan and his men. Cormac was playing one of the down-and-out people, and Mark was playing one of the boxers in Cagey Joe’s Place and one of the down-and-out people., I didn’t care for Cormac and Mark playing two of the down-and-out people since they only had minor roles. However the boxers seemed to be good with their performances. I would recommend people to see this musical because I personally found it great, the music and the acting was very well-done by students.

Review written by Aaron O’Mahoney, Transition Year 2015                     

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