Armandas at the BT Young Scientist

IMG_1406 IMG_1400Armandas Bendaravicius submitted his project Drift Turbines to the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition 2016 and qualified to the RDS stage to present his project. Approximately 2050 projects from around the country were entered, yet only 550 projects were accepted to come to Dublin and show their projects to the panel of judges and members of the public. Armandas was one of those people who was chosen to display their projects and not only that, but he was the only St Brendan’s student that made it to this stage. His project is about placing turbines underwater and using water currents to generate electricity.  He constructed three models which can generate electricity and this has been shown by a multi-meter.

My experience at the BT young scientist 2016

btsci 2

Participating at the BT young scientist 2016 was worth all the work that I have put in to my project, Drift Turbines. The sensation of being part of something big with people who hold similar interests is great. I got advice on my project on how I could improve it from people who have influenced the projects on wind turbines and other methods of electricity generation. This shows how important my project is and how influential my project could be in the future generation. This fueled me as motivation to continue my work on the drift turbines. Overall my experience is priceless and is a huge part of the development of both my self belief and my project.



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