2nd Year Basketball – Quarter Final playoff Report

Last Sunday morning (26/4/2015) the 2nd year St. Brendans Basketball Team had an early start, leaving the Sem at 8am and heading for the All-Ireland Quarter Finals in Castleislbasketball 2015and Community Centre. Our aim for the day was to get through to the All-Ireland Semi Finals and the only way we were going to do that was by winning at least 2 of our games.

Our first game was thrown in at 9.30am against Castleisland. We put in a good fight throughout the game and only lost by a small margin of 5 points. All the Sem boys played very well, especially Sean O’Neill and Roan Delaney. We were very disappointed as we came so close to beating the reigning All-Ireland Champions, Castleisland.

Our second game was against Moy Park. Knowing we needed to win to qualify for the Semi Finals we were prepared to put up a strong fight and play to the best of our abilities. The scoreboard at the end of the first quarter showed our rewards with a lead of 12 points.  Among the scorers were Jordan Lee, Darragh Fleming, Sean O’Neill, Darragh Lyne, Donal Lucey, Roan Delaney and Ronan McClure.  In the second quarter Moy Park had almost caught up to us but we weren’t done yet. The remainder of the game was very evenly matched and very tense. Our determination paid off and thankfully Roan Delaney scored the last few baskets to beat the Dublin Champions.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get an opportunity to play our 3rd game as BCS knew they could not qualify after their 2 loses so headed back home to Cork.

We stayed on to watch Castleisland  beat Moy Park to qualify for the All-Ireland championship in Tallaght later on that week.

We couldn’t have done this without the dedication of our coaches Bob Sheppard & Andrew Fitzgerald over the eventful year.                                      Report by Jack Sweeney 2nd Year

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